YA Book Obsession–I’m Not a Fan


YA Obsession

I wanted to share this post from Yahoo. Yeah, what’s up with all the YA books? Okay, I know trying to suck money out of the market is one thing. But I also think that, unfortunately, some people find adolescence to be a shining point in their lives. Maybe THE shining point of their lives. That’s sad. Especially since most of your life is spent as an adult. I find that if you make the most out of your adulthood, you’ll have plenty stories to tell–and much more interesting ones too.


Adult books can be unrestricted and uncensored. Plus, adult main characters are much more compelling than insecure kids with their teeny issues. Most of which they’ll grow out of once their brains are finished developing. It’s almost like the majority of teen books are some form of sob story. Boo hoo, I don’t understand myself…I don’t fit in…I can’t get a gf/bf…I’m a latchkey kid…I’m a wimpy kid…I didn’t fit in at school, but the vampires like me (ooh, a twist!). Really, come on…I don’t understand why an adult would want to dedicate time to such drab subjects. I’d much rather tackle bigger scale conflicts; wars, social issues, adult-level sci/fi …or simply, adult relationships, not the trivialities of teen relationships (you’re a goth, you’re a prep–who cares? My god!). I’m sick of going to the book store and finding more YA fiction, than adult fiction. Just saying…but I had to.

Read Yahoo post: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111015083546AAOvE7W

3 thoughts on “YA Book Obsession–I’m Not a Fan

  1. I’m a teen so I guess teen books are easy to relate to. However, when I think about some teen books after I read them, I just wonder why the author did all the things they did. Really YA books are just quite similar to each other.


    • Hi Lucia, I understand liking teen books when you’re a teen. But there’s an abundance of adults writing YA. In my writer’s group, some members recommended writing YA because “that’s where the money is”. When it comes to that, I question if the writer is even passionate about writing. Chasing the money usually doesn’t equate to pursuing passions. Thank you for commenting. : )

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      • Yeah, I think thats wrong. People shouldn’t write about a certain topic because thats where they’ll earn the most money. Its one thing if someone writes a successful book and someone asks them if maybe they would consider writing a book thats a YA book or a different genre. I think thats kind of like a challenge for the author.

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