My Query Letter Evolution

I'm going to make this brief. I enjoy writing books, but over the years I've learned to hate blogging. That aside, this post is about my query letter struggles. I've been working on a query letter for my novel The Warrior from Monde for about a year. I've purchased books on how to write a query and joined … Continue reading My Query Letter Evolution

Everlasting: Da Eb’Bulastin Book Tour

I'll be helping R. Prioleau promote her book Everlasting: Da Eb'Bulastin tomorrow, October 6th. Read more below.   Everlasting: Da Eb’Bulastin A Gullah Horror Story After another incident of sleepwalking, Aiyana Gamelle wakes up lying under the stars on the Beach of Sa'Fyre Island, an island off the cost of South Carolina with a rich Gullah and Native … Continue reading Everlasting: Da Eb’Bulastin Book Tour