Nice Girls Finish Last — In the Corporate Workplace

During the final years of completing my bachelor’s degree, I was overly focused on attaining my diploma and not whatever part-time job I held while working toward that milestone. This one-sided focus was driven by my personal laws of conservation, which includes not putting energy into dead ends. In the years leading up to completing … Continue reading Nice Girls Finish Last — In the Corporate Workplace

The Stupidity of Assumptions

All my life I’ve dealt with race-related assumptions made against me. There’s nothing more frustrating and emotionally distorting than being judged and treated as someone you are not. I am an individual. My upbringing formed me and my siblings into unique individuals. The outside world is unfamiliar with this and won’t accept it. Nonetheless, it’s … Continue reading The Stupidity of Assumptions

Reflections on Professional Writing

You’re reading the final post of my college professional writings. Outside of college assignments, I will continue to post periodically within the Professional Writing section of this blog as topics come to mind and as I make progress in my writing career. I’ve received two salient takeaways from developing this blog category. 1.       Perspective Through … Continue reading Reflections on Professional Writing

Why Professional Bios Matter + How to Write One

It’s 2019, people. Now that it's customary for employers to scour the internet to learn about job candidates, it’s important that we actively tell them who we are and what we’re about, career-wise, rather than rely on what narratives our social media presence(s) might create about us. Writing a professional bio can help us control … Continue reading Why Professional Bios Matter + How to Write One

The Trinity to Attracting Employers: Resume/Portfolio/Website

Research job descriptions for your desired profession Before constructing a resume and curating a portfolio, learn what employers are looking for. Research job listings and read job-recruiting blogs to understand what skills, education, and experience employers are seeking. From that knowledge, think about how your resume and portfolio can be molded to meet an employer’s … Continue reading The Trinity to Attracting Employers: Resume/Portfolio/Website

3 Approaches to Writing Book Reviews

Pulling from my experiences of reviewing books and having my book reviewed, I’ve devised a few key personal rules before writing a review: stay open-minded, don’t jump to conclusions a few pages into a book, and ask what messages the author is trying to convey. Believe it or not, resisting jumping to conclusions a few … Continue reading 3 Approaches to Writing Book Reviews

Crafting a Professional Portfolio

A professional portfolio is a showcase of one’s best work, crafted to be confidently presented to prospective employers. For a writer, a portfolio should be composed of the writer’s best-written, most-polished material. This post was written to aid anyone new to compiling a professional portfolio and focuses on writing professions. Tips in this post are … Continue reading Crafting a Professional Portfolio

On the Career Path: Freelance Writing Versus In-House Writing

In August, I’ll have a B.A. in English Professional Writing. My ideal post-graduation profession is freelance writing, with time to work on my personal projects. Writing within the confines of a company’s office (aka in-house writing) is not my preferred work situation. However, I acknowledge the real possibility of my having to take such a … Continue reading On the Career Path: Freelance Writing Versus In-House Writing

Exploring an Editing Career

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my career prospects as a university senior of English professional writing. Technical writing, editing, and marketing are the prospects I briefly touched on. This post takes a deeper look into editing as a job prospect for a recent college grad or for anyone with a degree that will qualify … Continue reading Exploring an Editing Career

How-to: Crafting Proposals for Client-Based Projects

In this post, I will offer several tips on how to compose well-rounded client-based proposals. Proposals are an everyday tool in the business world. Whether you're a freelancer seeking clients or part of a large established corporation, proposals are the framework used to initiate and conduct Business2Business working relationships. A poorly crafted proposal can lead … Continue reading How-to: Crafting Proposals for Client-Based Projects