My Liebster Award Nomination

I'd like to thank Lucia, from Reading With Lucia, for my Liebster Award nomination. Thank you for acknowledging my existence! I have been a blogger since 2007, but I recently began engaging in social media. I'll tell ya, blogging and utilizing social media at the same time is more fun (less crickets). I'm actually connecting with … Continue reading My Liebster Award Nomination

Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Amature Writers Make

Video from independent editor Ellen Brock: 1.) Unclear point of view & "head-hopping" - This mistake can scare off agents/editors/publishers 2.) Too much voice (overly poetic or descriptive) 3.) Not enough voice (robotic writing and not enough description) 4.) Too much telling 5.) Not enough conflict and/or no clear goal for protag

Now Reading: The Eye of the World

One of my favorite book settings is in a time of kings, knights, and battles over power. I also love myth and fantasy. Robert Jordan brought all this together in one novel. I'm currently on page twenty five. So far, so good. I'll soon find out if I like it the whole way through.     … Continue reading Now Reading: The Eye of the World