Movies + TV Shows I Like

I love books, but I also love movies. It would be great if IMDB had an easy to use and embed movie listing tool, but they lack that. So, I’ve just took a screenshot of my Facebook movie list. Below are a few movies that I’ve watched lately. Or just simply movies that I’ve watched, that Facebook was able to find in their database.

What would my life be without period pieces?

There are some movies that I’ve watched many times, as well as many renditions of the story. Pride and Prejudice, Moll Flanders, Doctor Zhivago, Tess of d’Urbervilles, and others are on my permanent watch list. The stories themselves are solid. To me it is worth seeing them acted out from generation to generation.

In addition to period pieces, I like war movies.

Not all, but the raw ones, with relatable characters. It’s not about the action for me, but the human element. War puts people in unique situations. Although I’ve never been in a war zone, I’m interested in how people react and function in such physically and emotionally challenging conditions. Some of my favorites are: Das Boot, Blackhawk Down, Saving Private Ryan and No Man’s Land (about the Bosnian War). Of all of these movies I recommend….hmm…Das Boot. That was a difficult choice because all of the movies listed above are excellent. Das Boot, however, is unique. It’s not a ground war, but an underwater war. And the men have to battle with both their human enemies and nature. Das Boot is on Amazon Instant Video. Rent it.


Black Sea looks pretty good. It’s on my watchlist:

black sea_movie_snpetro

Superhero movies and action movies

I’m kind of picky about these. But not too picky. I just use logic. Being a former personal trainer, and someone who studied strength training and how to pack on muscle for the past thirteen years, I hate seeing a skinny chick playing the role of an ultimate ass-kicker. This is common in many action movies. If she was that strong, her body would have surely made adaptions to the physical stresses, which means she would have some kind of muscle going. Not none at all. As for the male characters, well, at least Hollywood cares to make sure they are believable ass-kickers, by getting them beefed up for the movies.


Male actors train for their roles as superheros


Female actors play the deflated versions of female superheros. They are chosen from the neck up, not as a total package.

Skinny, weak-looking heroines are not my sole problem with some action and superhero movies. I also hate cliché characters. I shouldn’t have to list examples; you all know what I mean. Other than that, I love a good action flick; that has a good plot, great actors/characters and a believable villain.


Most of the series I watch; that same as with movies, are period pieces. BBC mini series are a mainstay in my life…when I have time to watch TV. The Forsyte Saga was one of my favorites. It’s a story about a wealthy family, inheritance, disinheritance, love, adultery and early 1900’s high society. Check it out sometime. It’s on Netflix and Amazon.

forsyte saga_snpetro

Reality TV…no, not Dancing with the Stars. I like educational reality shows, like Aerial America, Dirty Jobs and Ax Men even. You know, whatever…just teach me something while I’m being lazy.

Missed/Canceled shows:

Merlin (2000’s BBC)

Legend of the Seeker – The actor for Richard was not all that great. If they got rid of him, I think the series could have lasted longer. Oh, and he was too weak (the script was not accurate to his character).

Camelot (HBO) – The could have selected a better-fitting actor to play King Arthur. Maybe the show would have survived.

The Outer Limits (90’s)

Documentaries/niche shows:

Monarchy (UK)

Ancient Aliens

Beyond Bizarre

That’s all for now. I’ll update this post periodically.


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