My Liebster Award Nomination


I’d like to thank Lucia, from Reading With Lucia, for my Liebster Award nomination. Thank you for acknowledging my existence! I have been a blogger since 2007, but I recently began engaging in social media. I’ll tell ya, blogging and utilizing social media at the same time is more fun (less crickets). I’m actually connecting with people who care enough to follow me, message me, and even nominate me for things. Now, to this Liebster Award nomination. I was given a number of questions to answer. See my responses below.

1. What is a song that gets stuck in your head 24/7?

Mini mini mini by KMFDM

2. What is your go to book genre?

Historical fiction. I hate contemporary settings.

3. When you buy books-that is if you buy books, which I hope you do-do you like to buy one book at a time or a whole bunch of books at a time?

I always buy more than one book. It’s sort of like switching channels, I read one when I’m in a particular mood and the other when my mood changes. I also always buy non-fiction along with fiction, so I can learn something. When I get tired of learning, I switch to my fiction book.

4. Which movie/book/song can you quote without even thinking about it?

I can quote many songs, but I can’t say that for movies or books—except for mine (my books).

5. What is your favorite/lucky number?

Seven. I know, cliché. The number is comfy.

6. Which book made you feel a hundred different emotions?

Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen

7. Do you have any weird reading or writing habits (perhaps you only listen to soundtrack music when you do these activities, or maybe you look for mistakes while reading, etc.)

I often times look away from the computer screen and stare off at something in my room as I type. That’s when a scene is flowing.

8. Which do you prefer, reading or writing? Or maybe both?

Writing. I get out a lot of aggression and frustrations when I write. Sometimes I have to write just to get over something, or to feel more settled about how I feel at a given moment.

9. Who is practically yourself, but as a book character? So basically, a relatable book character.

Most of the characters in my book The Warrior from Monde are a side of myself. But, Amina, in End of One, my second book, is definitely me. Sorry…you won’t know anything about her for a while.

10. What is a book that no one likes but you?

Nutrient Timing by John Ivy and Robert Portman. It is a very technical book about when to eat what, with charts displaying varying levels of sugar, fat, and protein during digestion. It’s a dry read. But I enjoyed it because of my nutrition and fitness background. I like knowing the science utilized by sports scientist and professional coaches. I don’t believe in blindly following fitness and nutrition trends.

11. A book that everyone loves, but that you didn’t like that much?

50 Shades of Grey (I know, plenty of people hate it too). First off, That Grey guy is too young to be an ultimate hottie—I like MEN. Secondly, I cannot stand people’s obsession with high school and college students. They are often ignorant and stupid. I don’t like books centered around dumb people. What it comes down to with books like that, is the characters are learning about themselves and making stupid, predictable mistakes. It’s really not much of a story when you think about it. Just not my thing. Not mention, her word choices for the sex scenes, such as, “Oh, my”, were an instant turn off. A college student wouldn’t talk like a fifty-year-old woman before, during or after sex. Not believable, and not hot. I closed the book before finishing the first sex scene. I just couldn’t go through with it. Still, plenty people loved her book(s), so good for her. I won’t bash her more than necessary.

That’s it for my Liebster Award questions. I hope to get more traffic to my site. But, more importantly, please, readers, bloggers, keep an eye out for my book, The Warrior from Monde, when it is released. That is after I snag an agent. Sample chapters.

2 thoughts on “My Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Great answers! My favorite number used to be seven too, but then I changed it to three because I think other people have worn out its luck. Also, when you say three you smile!


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