Writers, If You Beta Read, Read Before You Comment

After completing my first manuscript in 2014, I joined a writer's group via MeetUp.com. A book by public speaker and writer, Brian Tracy, motivated me to find a writer's group as a means to network with, support, and learn from other writers. That's not a bad idea at all. However, I learned that many fellow … Continue reading Writers, If You Beta Read, Read Before You Comment

My Newest Query Letter Version

I've been grinding away at my query letter for over a year, but more intensely over the past month. I think I've achieved the goal of giving a general idea of the story, while managing to sprinkle some life into the sentences. I'm not really sure, but I hope so. Read on. The Warrior from Monde, complete … Continue reading My Newest Query Letter Version

My Query Letter Evolution

I'm going to make this brief. I enjoy writing books, but over the years I've learned to hate blogging. That aside, this post is about my query letter struggles. I've been working on a query letter for my novel The Warrior from Monde for about a year. I've purchased books on how to write a query and joined … Continue reading My Query Letter Evolution

Everlasting: Da Eb’Bulastin Book Tour

I'll be helping R. Prioleau promote her book Everlasting: Da Eb'Bulastin tomorrow, October 6th. Read more below.   Everlasting: Da Eb’Bulastin A Gullah Horror Story After another incident of sleepwalking, Aiyana Gamelle wakes up lying under the stars on the Beach of Sa'Fyre Island, an island off the cost of South Carolina with a rich Gullah and Native … Continue reading Everlasting: Da Eb’Bulastin Book Tour

Fresh Link to Free Chapters – WFM

Hi readers. As promised, below is an excerpt from The Warrior from Monde and a fresh link to read the free chapters. Marquis Fabien Chevalier shouted commands as he and his men entered the eastern woodlands at the edge of Monde. With him were twelve soldiers of Monde's Royal Army. They raced through the tall … Continue reading Fresh Link to Free Chapters – WFM

My Liebster Award Nomination

I'd like to thank Lucia, from Reading With Lucia, for my Liebster Award nomination. Thank you for acknowledging my existence! I have been a blogger since 2007, but I recently began engaging in social media. I'll tell ya, blogging and utilizing social media at the same time is more fun (less crickets). I'm actually connecting with … Continue reading My Liebster Award Nomination

Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Amature Writers Make

Video from independent editor Ellen Brock: 1.) Unclear point of view & "head-hopping" - This mistake can scare off agents/editors/publishers 2.) Too much voice (overly poetic or descriptive) 3.) Not enough voice (robotic writing and not enough description) 4.) Too much telling 5.) Not enough conflict and/or no clear goal for protag   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-jXu88C51w

Now Reading: The Eye of the World

One of my favorite book settings is in a time of kings, knights, and battles over power. I also love myth and fantasy. Robert Jordan brought all this together in one novel. I'm currently on page twenty five. So far, so good. I'll soon find out if I like it the whole way through.     … Continue reading Now Reading: The Eye of the World